This is how we traded the indices today

With futures, often times there a setup to trade into the initial 2 hours off the opening bell. More than 90% of the times, our intraday trading is wrapped up ahead of the European close at 11:30 am EST when participation is not lacking. We share below what our subscribers got from us this morning and our own trade summary while clarifying that we run this service for you, our subscriber and the gains from our setups is never ever about us - it is about you. So if you are still on the fence, don't ask the dreaded question about trials. We do not believe in trials - come jump in, roll your sleeves up and trade with us profitably with each outing. Who says trading futures has lackluster results? For pennies a day - we help you generate wealth from the markets without crazy methods of watching charts and volume flow or what have you. It is about acceptance or rejection of price by traders at specific levels - that is what happens each day. We use order flow only to validate what we are doing - not to make trade decisions.

Here was the setup we presented to our subscribers


Here is our own trade results


We present simple tradeable strategies. We don't sell education or tell you a sob story of how you can do it yourself each day. It is an unpretentious no-frills service. No chat rooms, no moderators to follow, we give you the entry/stops/exits which we ourselves trade to - no confusion.If you like what we do, come visit us at and fill out a contact form and tell us what you like trading and what your style is. Regardless of the size of your portfolio or trading account, our service provides you with undivided attention where our Lead Analyst takes a personal interest in your financial success with one-on-one mentoring